Tareq Jundi
طارق الجندي


Tareq Jundi was born in Amman, Jordan in 1983. He began to learn the oud at the age of eleven, when he joined the preparatory section of the Jordan Academy of Music. In the years that followed he took lessons with Omar Abbad, Omar Bashir, Sakher Hattar, Ahmed Al Khatib, Elia Khoury, Nasser Obaido, Charbel Rouhana and Abd al-Razzaq Tobasi. In 2006 he formed the Sharq ensemble with several other like-minded Jordanian musicians and the following year he was awarded a scholarship to complete his Bachelor's degree in music performance (cello) at the National Music Conservatory in Jordan. In 2011 he joined the Jordan Academy of Music as a part-time lecturer, teaching music theory and oud, and in two years later completed an MA in music education at the University of Jordan. Tareq has performed as a solo artist and member of various ensembles in Europe, the Middle East and China. He was ranked second in the international oud competition held at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon in 2009, and received a special prize from the Mugham Festival in Azerbaijan in 2013, the same year that his first solo oud CD 'Terhaal' was released.

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Selected Recordings

Bayna Bayn (with Sharq)

The Sharq ensemble consists of oud, vocals, violin, cello, flute and percussion, and on this live recording from 2009 they perform a mix of contemporary versions of traditional Arab works and new compositions.

1. Tango Dance 3:36
2. Ala Tareeq Aitat 7:04
3. Al Ouf Mash'al 4:17
4. 220 Volt 4:15
5. Ka Makaber Al Shuhad'a 6:32
6. Sama'i Hijaz Kar Kurd 5:29
7. Yassar 6:20
8. A'jibto..!! 10:32
9. Yamo 4:52
10. Bayna Bayn 5:06


On this recording Tareq presents a number of new compositions that showcase his virtuoso oud playing. He is accompanied on several tracks by percussion and bass. The album can be purchased on Indiepush here.

1. A Tribute to Bach 5:20
2. Tefel AlFalafel 0:46
3. Wast ElBalad (DownTown) 3:43
4. Sama'i Farrahnak 5:32
5. Longa Georgina 2:51
6. Mar Nicola Stairs 4:12
7. Taqasiem Rast 5:38
8. Caprice Rast 2:37
9. A'ed Ela Beirut 6:03
10. Terhaal 4:26

Music from Amman

A live recording of Tareq and his group performing seven of his own compositions and two traditional pieces. The album can be purchased on Indiepush here.

1. Bayna Bayn (Sort of Between) 5:03
2. Ishq (Passion) 7:07
3. 220 Volt 2:44
4. Yamo 3:32
5. Taqasiem & Luro Houbboki 8:44
6. Tango Dance 3:30
7. Mar Nicola Stairs 4:34
8. Yassar 5:25

Memories from my Childhood

This CD sees Tareq perform a number of well-known Arab pieces that have a strong personal connection for him.

1. Intro 0:51
2. Tal'a Mn Bait Abouha 1:57
3. Ya Luro Houbboki 2:18
4. Ya Tair Ya Tayer 2:41
5. Ya Mal El Sham & Ya Tera Teri 4:09
6. Ateni Al Nay 3:47
7. Ah Ya Asmar El Loun 2:32
8. Aziza 3:34
9. Al Nahr Al Khaled 4:52
10. Atouna El Tofouli 2:57


On this recording Tareq is once more accompanied by his ensemble of strings, flute and percussion to perform a selection of his own compositions both old and new. The album can be purchased on Indiepush here.

1. Sowar (Pictures) 5:27
2. Amman-Edinburgh & Visa Versa 3:31
3. Ishq (Passion) 7:39
4. Wast El Balad (Down Town) 2:55
5. Scenes from November 2012 7:46
6. Samai Arab 5:41
7. Late Night Waltz 3:50
8. Petra 6:06
9. To Amer 6:21
10. Morning Dance 3:13
11. Making of! 0:54


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