Ahmed El Kalai
أحمد القلعي


Ahmed El Kalai was born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1936 into a family of musicians, and began to learn the oud at the age of five. He was influenced at an early stage by the Tunisian oud master, Ali Sriti, and began to give oud recitals in 1948. He also performed in an ensemble on Tunisian Radio and subsequently obtained a Diploma in Arab Music. He served as Director of the Radio Orchestra and taught at the National Conservatory and Institute for Higher Education in Music in Tunis. Ahmed El Kalai passed away in 2008.


Selected Recordings

(En Chordais 1915)

This CD consists of a nice collection of solo oud pieces and was released by the Greek label En Chordais to coincide with Ahmed El Kalai's participation in the 2005 International Lute Meeting in Athens, Greece.

1. Maqâm Nahawand - Taqsîm 8:22
2. Maqâm Nahawand - Sama'i 7:10
3. Maqâm Hijâz Kâr Kurdî - Taqsîm 6:33
4. Maqâm Hijâz Kâr Kurdî - Lûngha 3:31
5. Maqâm Hijâz Kâr Kurdî - Al-Qalb al-Hair 2:50
6. Maqâm Bûsalik Nawâ - Taqsîm 3:11
7. Maqâm Bûsalik Nawâ - Al-Rabi 2:34
8. Maqâm Bûsalik Nawâ - Al-Ahd al-Jadid 2:32
9. Maqâm Bûsalik Nawâ - Sibâq al-Khayl 5:08
10. Maqâm Râst - Taqsîm 5:24
11. Maqâm Râst - Sa'îda 5:26

Awtar Oua Al'Han
(Phonie T 1095)

A mixture of oud taqasim and pieces for Arab ensemble.

1. Takassim (Hijaz Kar)
2. Samaï (Hijaz Kar)
3. Takassim (Nahaowend)
4. Lounga (Nahaowend)
5. Imane (Maâzoufa)
6. Takassim (Hijaz Kar Kourdi)
7. Kaouatir (Maâzoufa)
8. Takassim (Rast)
9. Jamel Ettabia (Maâzoufa)
10. Takassim (Ochek)
11. Ouard - Errabia (Maâzoufa)
12. Al-Yasamine (Maâzoufa)


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