Arsalan Kamkar
ارسلان کامکار


Arsalan Kamkar was born in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan, Iran in 1960. His six brothers and sister are all musicians, and they received an early grounding in music from their father, the violinist Hassan Kamkar, who established the family ensemble in 1965. Arsalan continued his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, after which he became a violinist with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra. He also mastered the oud and several other stringed instruments. Alongside his current role in the orchestra and the family ensemble 'Kamkarha', he is a prolific composer, and has written numerous works in both Persian and Western classical genres, as well as in the traditional Kurdish style.

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Selected Recordings

(Rahgozar-e Haft Eghlim No. 24)

Arsalan Kamkar is accompanied by percussionist Zakaria Yusefi on this recording, which presents a series of pieces based around Kurdish melodies and rhythms.

1. Chaw Rash 3:20
2. Nazanin 3:42
3. Kaviar 5:47
4. Harzaleh 4:26
5. Bazi beryan 3:06
6. Aso 4:28
7. Mallew malle 2:34
8. Ganmojo 4:13
9. Hatawa 4:52
10. Badini 2:29


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