Ahmad Al Khatib
أحمد الخطيب


Ahmad Al Khatib was born in Jordan in 1974 into a family of Palestinian refugees. He began to learn the oud from an early age, taking lessons with the Palestinian master Ahmad Abdel Qasem, and went on to study music and cello at Yarmouk University in Jordan. After graduating in 1997 he moved to Ramallah in Palestine, where he taught in the Oriental Music Department at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. He later went on to head the Department and in 1999 he joined several other Conservatory teachers to form the Karloma ensemble to "explore and experiment with arranging and performing Eastern music styles in different ways". Forced to leave Palestine in 2002 due to the political situation, Ahmad continued to promote the work of the Conservatory overseas and also produced a series of oud instruction books and transcriptions of Arab classical works. In 2004 he settled in Sweden, where began to study for a Master's degree in Musical Eduation Methodology at the University of Gothenburg, and the following year saw the release of his first solo oud CD, 'Sada'. Ahmad is currently a lecturer at the University's Academy of Music and Drama, where he teaches modal music, composition theory and ensemble music. He also performs regularly in Europe and the Middle East, and his latest project is Double Duo with UK-based oud player Khyam Allami and percussionists Youssef Hbeisch and Andrea Piccioni.

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Selected Recordings


This is Ahmad's first solo CD, released in 2005. His style is influenced by the Baghdad school of oud playing, especially Jamil and Munir Bashir.

1. Furatayn (From Jerusalem to Baghdad) 5:11
2. Hikaya Sharqiyya (Oriental Tale) 12:44
3. Sada (Echo) 5:28
4. Al-Nil Al-Abyad (The White Nile) 9:23
5. Sama'i Ghofran 4:38
6. Ghurbeh (Diaspora) 7:10
7. Ta'ammul (Reflections) 9:09
8. Farahfaza 10:05
9. Nawa Athar Etude 1:36

(Institut du Monde Arabe 321090)

Ahmad joins up with percussionist Youssef Hbeisch on this CD of his own compositions, which includes comprehensive liner notes.

1. Khundî Ma'ak (Take me along) 7:18
2. Sifr El-Khurûj I - Musa (Exode I - Moses) 4:19
3. Sifr El-Khurûj II - Kan'ân (Exode II - Canaan) 1:52
4. Sifr El-Khurûj III - Nahrayn (Exode II - Two Rivers) 4:26
5. Bayyâ' El-Ward (The Rose Vendor) 5:46
6. Li Alix (For Alix) 5:08
7. Maqâm li Ghazzâ (Maqâm for Gaza) 4:39
8. Sabîl (On the Way) 4:39
9. 'Ors (Wedding) 4:37
10. Shadhâ (Fragrance) 4:35
11. Ya Halâlû yâ mâlû (Their Palestine) 5:38


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