Raed Khoshaba
رائد خوشابا


Raed Khoshaba was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He entered Baghdad's Music Institute in 1985, where he was taught by some of the most famous names in Iraqi oud music, including Salem Abdel Karem and Rawhi Al-Khammash. He was also selected by Munir Bashir to be part of his Al-Bayariq ensemble and toured with them for several years. After graduating in 1992 he went on to study for a Bachelor's degree in music at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baghdad University. He is currently living in Aachen, Germany and teaches in nearby Liège in Belgium, where he has established a centre for the study of Arabic culture and music.

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Selected Recordings

Orient Maqams
(EGP LC 10986)

This CD features taqasim in seven of the main maqamat of Middle Eastern music. Several of these taqasim are presented in the Iraqi, Turkish and Egyptian styles by way of contrast.

1. Maqam Nahawand 10:40
2. Maqam Rast (Turkish style) 2:13
3. Maqam Rast (Egyptian style) 4:47
4. Maqam Rast (Iraqi style) 2:58
5. Maqam Ajam 5:48
6. Maqam Bayat (Turkish style) 2:41
7. Maqam Bayat (Egyptian style) 3:44
8. Maqam Bayat (Iraqi style) 4:21
9. Maqam Kurd 6:44
10. Maqam Segah 5:17
11. Maqam Hugaz (Turkish style) 2:36
12. Maqam Hugaz (Egyptian style) 5:30
13. Maqam Hugaz (Iraqi style) 4:47


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