Mavrothi Kontanis
Μαυρουδής Κοντάνης


Mavrothi T. Kontanis was born in 1979 in Pennsylvania, USA, into a Greek-American family originating from Halkidiki. From an early age he began to show an interest in the bouzouki, guitar and clarinet, but by the age of sixteen he had settled on the oud as his main instrument. He would go on to study with some of the world's leading oud players, including Münir Nurettin Beken, Emin Gündüz, John Berberian, Ara Dinkjian, Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, Joseph Tawadros and Yurdal Tokcan. In addition to playing the oud, he also an accomplished singer and violinist, and performs on baglama, tzoura, and tamboura. In 2006 Mavrothis founded the Maeandros Ensemble and two years later he released two CDs of Greek and Turkish music with the oud at its heart; he has also performed and recorded with the KAMA Ensemble. Mavrothi recently graduated in music education from Montclair State University and currently teaches at a high school in New Jersey. He also gives private lessons in oud, bouzouki and voice.

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Selected Recordings

Ξύλινη Καρδιά (Wooden Heart)

This CD focuses on the different ways the oud has been used in the Aegean over the years and combines original instrumentals with traditional songs from Greece and Turkey.

1. Χαρταετός (Paper Kite) 4:22
2. Mahur Şarkı (Mahur sharki) 3:52
3. Nikriz Longa 3:12
4. Uşşak Ud Taksimi (Ushak ud taksim) 3:37
5. Uşşak Saz Semaisi (Ushak saz semai) 4:19
6. Ο Τάταρος (The Tatar) 5:48
7. Άπονη Τουρκάλα (Aponi Tourkala) 3:13
8. Ζαφείρια Είναι Τα Μάτια Σου (Zafiria eine ta matia sou) 4:13
9. Εφέ Μου (Efe mou) 2:55
10. Φονιάς Θα Γίνω (Fonias tha gino) 3:27
11. Της Ξενητιάς Ο Πόνος (Tis ksenitias o ponos) 4:32


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