Mohammed Saleh Lelo
محمد صالح ﻟﯿﻠﻮ


Mohammed Saleh Abd al-Saheb Lelo was born in Iraq in 1969. He received a degree in music from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baghdad University, specialising the oud and qanun. As a session musician for Iraqi Broadcasting from 1988 to 1995, he worked with most of the leading Iraqi vocalists. In addition to recordings and performances at major festivals in Iraq, he taught music courses at Baghdad University and Babel University and published articles in local newspapers. He left Iraq due to the unstable political situation and moved to Qatar, where he became the oud and qanun player for the Qatar Vision Advertising and Media Production Agency.


Selected Recordings

Music of the Arabian Peninsula
(Celestial Harmonies 13143-2)

This CD is volume 4 of the 'Music of Islam' series, and features Mohammed Saleh Lelo on oud and fellow Iraqi, Haitham Hasan, on percussion. Among the tracks are a number of compositions based on traditional melodies, as well as several taqasim.

1. Qum Na Dimi 7:27
2. Ish Lonak Ini 5:55
3. Taqsīm 1 [Kurd] 3:40
4. Ya Gariya Khabirini 6:05
5. Al Hajr 7:12
6. Marou Alyaa El-Helwen 4:24
7. Taqsīm 2 [Nahawand] 6:21
8. Bead Konto 6:40
9. Lama Bada Yatasana 3:45
10. Taqsīm 3 [Rast] 5:50
11. Ya Helo Ya Abu El-Sedara 5:52


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