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Franck Leriche was born in Paris, France in 1965. His first musical interest was in jazz guitar, but when he was in his teens he heard Fawzi Sayeb playing the oud. Unable to afford his own oud at first, Franck used a classical guitar with the frets removed, but eventually he was able to travel to Turkey and purchase his own instrument. Back home in Paris he was also introduced to Persian classical music via Dariush Talai and the tar, and this led to three years of singing lessons with Hossein Omoumi and numerous performances with Keyvan Chemirani during the 1990s. After a break of seven years, Franck has recently returned to his first love of music and especially the oud. He is currently living in Istanbul.

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Selected Recordings


Franck's debut recording features improvisations that reflect a diverse range of influences from across the Middle East, and is available as a download from CD Baby.

1. Lara 4:05
2. Aram 2:47
3. Esfahan 6:06
4. Another Space 4:10
5. Segah Pahlavi 5:42
6. Dialanava 6:08
7. Imad 2:46
8. The Pacifier 3:58
9. Homayun 4:26
10. Two Little Boys 5:59
11. Rabab 4:37
12. Shambalileh 11:28
13. Lattakia 3:45


This is a live recording from a private concert Franck gave in Istanbul on 10th October 2016 and you can listen to it on Soundcloud here.

1. Akhtar 20:06
2. Infinity 4:26
3. Mahur 9:24
4. Nava 5:04
5. New Lands 5:38
6. Fragile 5:26
7. One Plus One Equals One 5:48
8. Unexpected 9:26
9. So Close 7:57
10. Segah 7:16


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