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Amos Libby was born in Windham, Maine, USA, and his musical education began in 1996, when he started to learn Indian tabla under Mulazim Hussain in Brooklyn, New York. His study of the oud, and Middle Eastern music in general, began in 2002 with Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian. This was followed by trips to Turkey to study Ottoman classical and Turkish contemporary art music in Istanbul with Osman Nuri Özpekel and Necati Çelik, and to Morocco to study oud with Yusuf Madani of the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique Arabe in Rabat. He has also studied with Lebanese oud master Charbel Rouhana at the Arabic Music Retreat in Massachusetts. Amos currently lives in Portland, Maine, and is co-director of the Bowdoin College Middle Eastern Ensemble, and teaches oud and North Indian percussion at Bates College and Colby College. He also performs with the Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble, formed in 1995 with percussionist Eric LaPerna, and now including qanun player Duncan Hardy.

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Selected Recordings

Raqs Al Shavarsh
(Mustt Records)

A collection of original works for oud/percussion inspired by the musical legacy of the late Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian, and based mainly on traditional Turkish, Greek and Armenian rhythms.

1. Garip Taksim 3:32
2. Kurd 5:34
3. Nihavent Al Arik 3:37
4. Acem Karsilama Oyun Havasi 4:26
5. Riqq Taksim (feat. Iqa'at Muhajjar & Khush Rank) 1:38
6. Longa Al Libi 3:57
7. Garip Turku 4:04
8. Raqs Al Arik 3:19
9. Christina's Kalimantiano 1:31
10. Curcuna Oyun Havasi 3:17
11. Nico's Kalamantiano 3:28
12. Hicaz Oyun Havasi 2:53
13. Farahfaza Oyun Havasi 2:59
14. Al's Zembekiko 4:18

Türkü: Mystical Music of the Turkish Troubadours
(Mustt Records)

This recording consists of a collection of Turkish folk music, of the type traditionally performed by a travelling bard or aşık. The pieces include love songs and mystical religious poems.

1. Nasibolsa 4:21
2. Esimden Ayridlim Yamandir Halim 5:11
3. Bulbulum Altin Kafeste 5:11
4. Divane Asik Gibi 5:59
5. Zenep Bu Guzellikk Var Mi Soyunda 4:19
6. Gelmis Iken Bir Habercik Sorayim 6:19
7. Havada Bulut Yok 4:53
8. Iste Gidiyorum Cesmi Siyahim 6:22


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