1. Oud Websites

2. Music Theory and Practice

      Arabic music
      Turkish/Greek music
      Persian music

3. Artists

4. Oud Makers

5. Online CD Stores

6. Miscellaneous Links

1. Oud Websites

Mike's Oud Website
A beautifully designed site dedicated to Arabic ouds. Created and maintained by Mike Malek, it features an Oud Forum for discussion of all aspects of the oud and a fantastic set of online instructional videos.

Oud Cafe
A really comprehensive website on the Turkish style of oud playing, created by Mavrothis Kontanis. The site features lessons on the most common Turkish makamlar, including sheet music of a well-known composition in each makam accompanied by audio files.

Iranian Oud
A website devoted to the history and performance of oud in Iran, and designed by Majid Yahyanejad. There is detailed information on three generations of Iranian oud players with accompanying sound files. Also, numerous beautiful photos showing historical ouds and oud makers at work in their workshops.

Brian Punka's Oud Page
An excellent general oud site with info on technique, theory and more. Brian is currently in the process of expanding the music theory section of his site, so look out for an update in the near future!

Nikos Dimitriadis's Oud Website
Great background info on all aspects of the oud, including audio files of taksims played by Nikos himself.

The Oud
David Erath's website full of useful information on both Turkish and Arabic ouds, theory, notation and more.

Pablo's Oud Page
A South American web site with loads of useful information which is always being updated. Sound clips too!

The Ultimate Oud Buyers' Guide
Everything you need to know about choosing your first oud and getting started with it.

Oud for Guitarists
A great way to learn the oud online, with free lessons, tips and advice, as well as Premium Courses at very reasonable rates.

Armenian Oud Makers
A site devoted to Armenian oud makers past and present, with lots of information and photos - created by Dr Jonathan Varjabedian.

'The Oud: Construction and Repair' - book by Richard Hankey (Dr. Oud)
Everything you need to know about building your own oud!

Khalaf Oud Luthiery
Jameel Abraham's comprehensive website on oud construction, with an excellent blog

Website and blog dedicated to the journeys of Ottoman ouds, their histories, and the stories attached to their makers, players, and owners. Also available in Arabic.

2. Music Theory and Practice

Arabic music

Maqam World
A beautiful new site on the theory of Arabic maqamat, with sound clips for each maqam.

Metric Modes (IQA'AT) & Melodic Modes (MAQAMAT)
An excellent page, including audio and video clips of the principal maqamat and iqa'at being played by Ali Jihad Racy on oud and Souhail Kaspar on percussion.

Arabic Music Internet Reference (AMIR)
An enormous database of Arab artists, albums, etc.

Turkish/Greek music

Şarkılar Notalar Türk Sanat Müziği Türk Halk Müziği
A Turkish music blog with videos, lyrics and sheet music (In Turkish).

Greek and Turkish scales
A website detailing the relationship between the scales/modes of Greek and Turkish music.

Persian music

Peyman Nasehpour
A detailed site on Persian drumming including tombak and daf.

3. Artists

Ghassan Abbasi

Ramy Adly

Ziad El Ahmadie

Filip Bagewitz

Tarik Banzi

Munir Bashir

Omar Bashir

Hossein Behroozinia

John Berberian

Asim al-Chalabi

Hamza el-Din

Baruch Eitan

Drazen Franolic

Attab Haddad

Rahim al-Haj

Ali Hassan

Saif Karomi

Driss el-Maloumi

Ahmed Mukhtar

Majid Nazempour

Mehmet Polat

Brian Prunka

Ziad Rajab

Thierry 'Titi' Robin

Haytham Safia

Adel Salameh

Kamil Shajrawi

Naseer Shamma

Joseph Tawadros

Dann Torres (Knossos)

John Vartan

Alekos Vretos

4. Oud Makers

İbrahim Ada (Turkey)

Jannis Alexandris (Greece)

Mohammad Arafati (Iran)

Daoud & Bahij Arbach (Canada)

Magdy el-Ashmawy (UK)

Khalid Belhaiba (Morocco)

Ramazan Calay (Turkey)

Mustafa Copçuoğlu (Turkey)

Dinçer Dalkılıç (USA/Turkey)

Emir Değirmenli (Turkey)

Bülent Eryalman (Turkey)

Faik Mohammad Fadel (Iraq)

İsmail Fencioğlu (Canada)

Nazih Ghadban (Lebanon)

Hamid Ghorbanzade (Iran)

Ender Göktepe (Turkey)

Rabih Haddad (Lebanon)

Wissam Joubran (France)

Fadi Matta (Lebanon)

Abdellah Mourid (Morocco)

Viken Najarian (USA)

D. Ali Nişadır - Deniz Müzik Evi (Turkey)

Yıldırım Palabıyık (Turkey)

Ziad Rajab (Greece)

Dimitris Rapakousios (Greece)

Saadettin Sandi - Cankaya Müzik Evi (Turkey)

Cengiz Sarıkuş - Veysel Müzik Evi (Turkey)

Najib Shaheen (USA)

Maurice Farouk Shehata (Egypt)

Alan Suits (USA)

Ibrahim Sukar (Syria)

Tasos Theodorakis (Greece)

Faruk Türünz (Turkey)

John Vergara (USA)

Matthias Wagner (Germany)

5. Online CD Stores

Maqam Music
An excellent site for buying oud CDs as well as other Middle Eastern music, DVDs, books and instruments.

Rashid Music Sales
Another great place to find oud CDs, regularly updated with new stock.
An online CD store based in France with some particularly hard to find recordings (in French).
Another online CD store based in France (in French).

6. Miscellaneous Links

Medimuses Project - Music of the Mediterranean
Website of the organisers of the International Oud Meeting 2002 in Thessaloniki, Greece, as well as forthcoming events relating to other instruments.

Atlas of Plucked Instruments
An encyclopaedia of all the world's plucked instruments, compiled by Henny de Bruin, and featuring numerous photos of instruments from Henny's own collection.

Harel Shachal
New York-based musician who plays Turkish clarinet, ney, zurna and saxophone.

A network of musicians from Australia, Japan and India who come together to create cross-cultural music.

Plain Sud
Contemporary jazz/oriental ensemble featuring Tunisian oudist Khaled Ben Yahia.

Hank Levin's site offers Turkish ouds and neys, bendirs, oud strings and hand-made brass gluepots.

Maryam Moghaddam
Beautiful customised hard and soft instrument cases.

Early Folk Strings
Specialising in hard to find early music instrument strings and strings for ethnic instruments.

Online Oud Tuner
Excellent resource with both Arabic and Turkish tunings for various string configurations. Now for iPhone and Android too.
Website selling several brands of oud strings, sheet music and oud accessories.

Revolutionary design of tuning pegs with internal gearing, making them smoother to turn and preventing slipping or sticking.

Acoustic oud duo comprising Keith Clouston and Patricia de Mayo, who are both former students of Iraqi oud master Ehsan Emam.

AMAR Foundation for Arab Music Archiving & Research
A Lebanese foundation committed to the preservation and dissemination of traditional Arab music.

School of Oud Online
Online lessons via Skype with Egyptian-born oud player Ramy Adly.


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