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Marc Loopuyt's interest in music began with the flamenco guitar, which he learned from the age of fourteen. After some time in Andalusia, Spain, he set off for Morocco, where he spent several years with musicians in Fez and the Atlas Mountains. He then moved on via Yemen, the Emirates, Jordan, Syria and Iraq to Turkey, where he studied oud under the great Turkish master Cinucen Tanrıkorur. Having absorbed all of these musical traditions he returned to France to record the 'Les Orients du Luth' series of CDs. He also made several recordings of folk music from Azerbaijan and traditional Andalusian music. Loopuyt currently divides his time between teaching at the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Villeurbanne near Lyon in France, and performing and recording with a wide range of musicans worldwide. His son, Thomas Loopuyt, is also an accomplished oud player.




Selected Recordings

Les Orients du Luth
(Buda Records 92557-2)

Marc Loopuyt has pursued his studies of the oud across the Maghreb and the Near East, and this is evident in the wide variety of styles present on this CD. He is accompanied on percussion by Adel Shams El-Din. The CD contains detailed cover notes on the maqamat used in each piece.

1. Taqsim Bayati Qarjighar 3:37
2. Rast 7:28
3. Saba 'Ushayran 8:50
4. Rast Baladi 7:35
5. Impromptu Marocain 7:49
6. Improvisation en Bayati 8:17
7. Sika-Huzam 5:49
8. 'Awj 4:29
9. Hijaz 6:28
10. Bayati Sha'bi 5:11

Les Orients du Luth: Volume 2
(Buda Records 92674-2)

The second album in the series sees Loopuyt team up with a group of musicians, including son Thomas on oud, to perform a number of instrumental and vocal pieces.

1. Bayati bi Dam 3:19
2. Irtijal ila Tahmilah 4:30
3. Taqsim Transition 1 2:00
4. Zanguezour 3:36
5. Taqsim Transition 2 1:32
6. Kotchari 3:14
7. Taqsim Transition 3 2:21
8. Taqsim Mahour bi Dam 2:08
9. Aksak Mahour 2:12
10. Ardachati Bar 1:59
11. Touchia Istihilai avec taqasîm 'ûd 6:54
12. Taqsim bi Uslub Ghajari 7:15
13. Nefes Nihavend 4:02
14. Taqsim Transition 4 2:57
15. Taqsim et Muwal de la Forêt 5:17
16. Taqsim Transition 5 1:36
17. Qad Limona 3:09
18. Taqsim Transition 6 3:40
19. Irtijal ala Aksak 4:31

Les Orients du Luth: Volume 3
(Buda Records 92755-2)

The third album in the series is a return to solo oud. The pieces include a number of taqasim in various maqamat. As usual, the CD notes are extremely detailed, with information about the ouds used on the CD and the background to each piece.

1. Khyali 5:41
2. Bayati Kebir 9:54
3. Rast fi Qoubbab 12:04
4. Sika Qadim 6:09
5. Nakriz Turki 5:35
6. Taqsim Jiharka 5:19
7. Al Bakka' 6:35
8. Mahour Ionani 4:05
9. Saba Marbout 6:42

Duo de Oud - Silsila
(Buda Records 3018064)

On this recording, Marc Loopuyt teams up with his son Thomas to perform traditional pieces from the Arab, Turkish and Azeri repertoires on historic ouds. A DVD of a live preformance by the duo is also included.

Waslatouna Nahawend 11:21
1. Taqsim
2. Doulab
3. Tahmilat Morkos
4. Longa
Waslatouna Saba 8:44
5. Doulab
6. Taqsim
7. Bashraf Mawlawi
8. Irtijal
Segahmiz 13:28
9. Taqsim Düyek
10. Peshrev
11. Taqsim Yörük
12. Yörük Semai
Shurimiz 8:24
13. Taqsim Morkos
14. Azeri Reng
Izmirde 14:59
15. Raks Devri Hindi
16. Irtijal Devri Hindi
17. Raks


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