Oud Makers

While the earliest ouds still in existence are around two hundred years old, these are mostly preserved in museums, and the oldest playable ouds generally date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Perhaps the most famous name in Arab-style oud making from this period is that of Nahat - several generations of this family produced exquisitely crafted instruments with a deep resonant sound that has never been matched. In the Turkish tradition equal reverence is shown to ouds made around this time by Manolis Venois, better known as Manol, and the school of instrument making that he went on to establish also yielded instruments of high regard. There were many other notable makers of fine ouds from this period onwards, and the tradition is continued by today's luthiers in the countries around the Mediterranean, as well as in Europe and North America.

The link below contains details of some of the most well-known oud makers of the past, while details of present-day oud makers can be found in the Links page. Finally, photos of a variety of ouds from makers both past and present can be viewed in the Oud Gallery.

(Photo courtesy Daniel O'Donnell)     


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