Sameer Makhoul
سمير مخول


Sameer Makhoul was born in the village of Peki'in in northern Israel and as a child he began to learn the oud and violin. He later enrolled at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, where he studied under the renowned Israeli oud player Taiseer Elias. He appeared, both as a soloist and member of the choir, with the Andalusian Muwashahat Orchestra (Tarshiha) and several other ensembles. He has taught oud, violin and Arab music theory at the School of Ethnic Music at Bar-Ilan University and at the Center for Oriental Music in Jerusalem, and has also directed the Arab-Jewish orchestra at the Joret al-Enab music centre in the Hinom Valley in Jerusalem.


Selected Recordings

(Magda MGD 045)

Desribed as "a blend of traditional Arab music, ancient poetry and Turkish and Andalucian music", this recording sees Makhoul accompanied by qanun, nay, violin, bass, clarinet and percussion.

1. The Partridge Run 2:17
2. Footprints 7:25
3. Longings 4:36
4. Exodus 8:01
5. Peace Dance 3:43
6. Samai Suznak 7:02
7. Those Were the Nights 8:34
8. You Heart-Stealer 11:26


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