List of Iraqi maqamat

The word "maqam" in Iraq refers primarily to a centuries-old urban classical vocal tradition with sophisticated rules of performance (al-maqam al-Iraqiyya), and not just to the modal system underlying this. However, in the 20th century a number of oud players from the Baghdad school including Munir Bashir, Jamil Bashir and Salman Shukur, as well as Iraqi emigre musicians in Israel, developed a purely instrumental style that drew on the rich heritage of Iraqi maqam. This new type of oud music included taqasim and compositions in traditional Arab forms, but also incorporated elements of Iraqi folk music and other musical traditions. A second generation of oud players from the Bashir (Baghdad) school, including Omar Bashir, Rahim AlHaj, Ahmed Mukhtar and Naseer Shamma, is now continuing this development even further.

A list of essentially Iraqi maqamat most likely to be encountered in performance and on recordings is given below - just click on each maqam for more detailed information. (Maqamat that are common to the wider Arab world are dealt with in the general list here.)



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