Kane Mathis


Kane Mathis was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1975, and was introduced to music at an early age by his father, a renowned pianist. While at school, Kane moved from piano to guitar, and by the age of sixteen he was accompanying bands in the city's blues and jazz clubs. It was around this time that he first developed an interest in African music, and began to incorporate elements of this into his own playing. He subsequently enrolled at the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music at Appleton, Wisconsin to study classical and jazz guitar, and in 1997 he made his first trip to The Gambia to study the kora with Malamini Jobarteh. At around the same time, Kane began to take a serious interest in the oud, which led to him travelling to Turkey during 1998 and 1999 to study with Mutlu Torun at the Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory of Turkish Music; he would later also study oud for five years with Münir Nurettin Beken. Since completing his studies, he has been establishing himself as a soloist, accompanist and composer - notable projects have included The Kora Band and The Sahel Band. Kane currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and works as an accompanist at New York University, specializing in electronic music production. He also performs with the electro-acoustic duo Orakel and the seven-piece ensemble Seyyah.

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Selected Recordings


On this recording, Kane Mathis presents a selection of solo acoustic pieces, alternating between Turkish oud and West African kora.

1. Aşk 4:45
2. Jarabi 4:59
3. Sultani Yegah Sirto 02:45
4. Sabar 3:45
5. Sultani Yegah Oyun Havası 4:02
6. Ishell 4:50
7. Ferahfeza Taksim 4:49
8. Ferahfeza Saz Semai 4:57
9. Tabara 4:04


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