Omar Metioui
عمر المتيوي


Omar Metioui was born in Tangiers, Morocco in 1962. He initially studied pharmacology in Brussels, before returning to Tangiers to study oud and Andalusian singing at the city's Conservatory of Music and Dance. In 1976 he joined the El-'Arbi s-Siyyár, the main Andalusi orchestra in Tangiers, as a singer and oud player. He was also first lutenist with the Conservatory of Music and Dance orchestra under Cheikh Ahmed Zaïtouni between 1987 and 1994. He then co-founded the Ibn Báya Ensemble, dedicated to the recovery of medieval Andalusian music, with Spanish musicologist and flautist Eduardo Paniagua. In 1997 he also founded two other ensembles: Al-Shushtarí to perform sufi music, and Al-Ala Al-Andalusiyya to preserve the Andalusian musical heritage. Metioui has given concerts throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and as far afield as Japan, and he currently divides his time between his profession as a pharmacist, musicological study of Andalusian music and performances with various ensembles.



Selected Recordings

Andalusí Lute
(Sony SK 60077)

This CD features improvisations and vocal/oud pieces, each of which is in a particular Andalusian mode or tab'. Metioui is accompanied by vocalist Saad Temsamani, Ahmed Al-Gazi on darbuka and Abdeslam Sefiani on tar.

Tab' s-Síka
1. Taqsím 8:00
Tab' al-Hiyáz al-Kabír
2. Bugya 2:26
3. Twísya de la Núba 2:09
4. Taqsím 4:40
5. Twísya de la San'a 1:53
Tab' al-Istihlál
6. Taqsím 10:00
7. San' as Dary 4:15
Tab' 'Iráq al-'Ayam
8. Kursi Basit 2:21
9. Taqsím 11:00
10. Twísya de la Núba 2:00
Tab' s-Sáhlí
11. Taqsím 8:00
12. Muwwál (Show them, haughty and alluring) 7:35

La Fuente del Amor Secreto
(Pneuma PN 430)

The tracks on this album are a mixture of solo oud and traditional Andalusian pieces for ensemble, and it also features the oud players Said Belcadi and Hassan Ajyar. As well as his normal oud, Omar Metioui uses the Tunisian ud 'arbi (on track 12), which has four pairs of gut strings tuned to fifths and is played with an eagle quill.

1. Improvisation in the r-Rásd mode (taqsím tab' r-Rásd) 1:53
2. Instrumental San'a, btáyhí r-Rásd: "Lawláka má himtu waydá" 2:13
3. Interlude in the r-Rásd mode 0:43
4. Prelude, twíshya quddám r-Rásd 2:48
5. Muwwál Síka mode, "Laqad Sára Qalbi" 9:46
6. Impovisation in the Hiyáz Kabír mode (taqsím tab' Hiyáz Kabír) 2:38
7. Instrumental San'a, bsit Hiyáz Kabír: "Tará l-lawza y qála lí sáhib" 1:20
8. Improvisation in the Mezmún mode (taqsím tab' Mesmún) 4:43
9. Instrumental San'a, qá'im wa-nisf al-Istihlâl: "Al waslu yá mahláh" 2:54
10. Muwwál mode z-Zerga, qasida "The Pardon" 7:28
11. Prelude, twíshya de nûba al-Isbihán 1:01
12. Improvisation in the Raml l-Máya mode (taqsím tab' Raml l-Máya) 2:01
13. Instrumental San'a, qá'im wa-nisf al-Isbihán: "Má hlá r-rahíq" 4:50
14. "The Fountain of Secret Love", qasida "The Pardon" 12:20


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