George Michel
جورج ميشيل‎


George Michel was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1917. He studied Arab music at the Cairo Music Conservatory, where he later became a professor. He established a reputation as one of the greatest Egyptian masters of the oud. George Michel passed away in the late 1990s.


Selected Recordings

Melodies of the Oud
(Global Village CD829)

This is a good quality recording of one of the great masters of Egyptian-style oud and features some beautiful taqasim and duets with percussion.

1. El Mawkeb 3:41
2. Taksim Rast 4:21
3. Taksim Ajam 1:32
4. Taksim Hijaz Kar 3:24
5. Taksim Nahawand 2:50
6. Taksim Seygah 1:39
7. 'Ataba on the Oud' 9:06
8. Longa Hijaz Kar Kurdi 2:48
9. Taksim Hijaz Kar Kurdi 3:10
10. Taksim Rast 2:23


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