Mohsin Mohamed
محسن محمد


Mohsin Mohamed was born in Cairo, Egypt. He developed an early love of Arab music and began playing the oud as a teenager. He went on to become the lead oud player in the Mohamed Ali Ensemble, which performs regularly throughout the Middle East. He has toured with many famous singers and traditional ensembles, and is currently based in Cairo.


Selected Recordings

Oud: The Ancient Lute
(Hollywood Music Center HMC 1318)

This recording comprises a series of beautiful taqasim on various Arab maqamat.

1. Zahrani (Sega) 1:59
2. Rouddi Alaya (Rast) 1:41
3. Beyn Albeyn (Bayat) 2:51
4. Hikayat Hayyina (Nahawand) 1:57
5. Ya Babor (Rast) 3:44
6. Hagartini (Hijaz) 4:08
7. Ahdi Ila Habibi (Nahawand) 3:52
8. Isaal Albi (Sega) 3:39
9. Ben Al Mahrous (Kord) 1:57
10. Kan Andi Harir (Rast) 2:19
11. Layali Al Madi (Nakriz) 4:03
12. Ayyam Zaman (Rast) 2:07
13. Kitaa Min Sama (Rast) 1:37
14. Hayyartini (Hijaz) 5:41


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