Viken Najarian


Viken Najarian was born in Lebanon in 1963 and started playing the oud at an early age under the direction of his grandfather, Dikran. After moving to the United States in 1975, he began an apprenticeship to learn the art of oud building and to continue his study of the instrument, which led to a degree in ethnomusicology from UCLA and performances across the country. He currently lives in Anaheim, California and has established a reputation as one of the foremost oud makers in the USA.



Selected Recordings

(Najarian Music LGCY100)

This is principally a collection of Armenian pieces arranged for oud with the accompaniment of a backing group. The CD can be ordered directly via Viken's website.

1. Girl from Bolis 4:05
2. Sev Atcherov Aghchig 3:49
3. Habina 3:20
4. Chknagh Yeraz 4:53
5. Nehavent Longa 3:24
6. Omar Kayam (El Khayyam) 2:26
7. Taksim 2:45
8. Toccata in E Minor (J.S. Bach) 0:42
9. Antsrev (Rain) 4:30
10. Ha Nina/Loy Loy 5:35
11. Bir Sevgi (One Love) 4:06


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