Saeid Nayeb Mohammadi
سعید نایب محمدی


Saeid Nayeb Mohammadi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1978. He graduated from Soureh University in Tehran, where he studied oud with Hossein Behroozinia and the Persian radif with Arshad Tahmâsbi. He then travelled to the United Arab Emirates to take lessons with Iraqi oud virtuoso Salem Abdel Karem. When he returned to Iran he began composing, which resulted in his debut album of music for oud, cello and percussion. He also participated in the International Oud Festival in Oman in 2006.



Selected Recordings

Fih Mâ Fih
(Hozeh Honari Music Centre)

Saeid's debut album features Âydin Ahmadi-nezhâd, one of Iran's leading classical cellists, and Homâyoun Nassiri, a percussionist with special interest in Latin American and African percussion.

1. Châhâr Mezrab 8:16
2. Kouzé 8:02
3. Afro 3:21
4. Opus π 4:31
5. Latin Asia 7:14
6. Moqaddamé va Zarbi-ye Nahâvand 8:07
7. Lute 7:41

Prose & Poetry
(Mahoor Records MCD 244)

Saeid is accompanied by Hamid Qanbari on tombak for this recording, which is a studio version of the programme performed by the duo at the International Oud Festival in Oman in 2006.

1. Pishdarâmad-e Afshâri 9:00
2. Darâmad-e Afshâri 4:28
3. Masnavi & Zarbi-e Erâq 9:31
4. Nahib 7:09
5. Naghme Gardun 3:46
6. Nahoft 7:50
7. Panjzarbi-ye Navâ 7:17

Qowl o Qazal
(Mahoor Records MCD 329)

A collection of pieces based on traditional Persian dastgâh-hâ, with Saeid accompanied on tombak by Pedrâm Khâvarzamini and Hamid Qanbari.

1. Qazal in Homâyun 12:19
2. Qazal in Châhârgâh 8:16
3. Qazal in Châhârgâh 5:34
4. Qowl o Qazal based on Bayâti Hoseyni 10:35
5. Farahfazâ 4:31


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