Majid Nazempour
مجید ناظم پور


Majid Nazempour was born in Isfahan, Iran in 1973. Although his family disapproved of music, he studied oud, tar, setar and ney with various masters in his spare time. After graduating in industrial engineering from Azad University in Isfahan he decided to pursue a career in music, and by the age of 20 he was already a regular performer on Iranian state radio and television. Two years later he received the first of several awards at the Fajr Music Festival for his work. In 2000 Majid formed his own group and began to perform overseas as well as in Iran. He released several CDs and also participated in oud festivals in Morocco, Oman and Malaysia. He currently performs and teaches regularly, and is preparing a book on the history of the oud in Iran and overseas.

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Selected Recordings

(Majid Nazempour)

This CD consists of a series of beautiful meditative improvisations on solo oud in five different Persian dastgāh-hā.

1. Segãh 12:27
2. Esfahãn 9:34
3. Mãhour 6:35
4. Homãyoun 17:45
5. Dašti 8:13

(Majid Nazempour)

A follow-up to the previous CD 'Philosophy', this new recording presents four more improvisations in various Persian dastgāh-hā.

1. Bayãt-e Tork 12:54
2. Afšãri 12:31
3. Šour 11:52
4. Abuatã 9:17


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