Salim Al'Nur
سليم النور
/סלים אל נור


Salim Al'Nur was born in Baghdad in 1920 into an Iraqi Jewish family and learned both the oud and violin at an early age. In 1950 he emigrated to Israel and found work as an engineer, a profession he had learned in Lebanon and Turkey. In his spare time he composed and performed music for a small circle of friends, but this music became known to a wider audience thanks to the efforts of the Israel Broadcasting Authority Arabic Orchestra. Al'Nur has composed a number of pieces that have become famous throughout the Middle East, and he also inspired a whole generation of Israeli musicians, including his student Yair Dalal.


Selected Recordings

Classical Arabic Music
(ZuTa Music 1007)

This is a retrospective of Salim Al'Nur's work, and features both home recordings of his oud taqasim and studio recordings of his compositions performed by the Israel Broadcasting Authority Arabic Orchestra.

1. Intro - Taqasim Rast on C 0:49
2. Sammai Anghami (The Personal Sammai) 6:33
3. Ayuha Al'Saaki (The Feast) 5:13
4. Taqasim Bayati on D 7:33
5. Sammai Wachi Al-Nahrein (Inspired by the Two Rivers) 7:20
6. Gaalau Liwesh Tiz'al (Why to Get Angry) 5:06
7. Taqasim Bayati on A 3:38
8. Sammai Al'Salaam (Sammai for Peace) 6:57
9. Addi Eih Astanna (How Long Shall I Be Waiting) 10:43
10. Taqasim Rast on C 4:06
11. Sammai Mahassin (The Valuables) 5:54
12. Taqasim Bayati on D 4:18


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