Abderraouf Ouertani
عبد الرؤوف الورتاني


Abderraouf Ouertani was born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1983. He began to study music while still at school, and the oud became his main instrument due to lack of money to buy a piano. In 1995 he entered the National Conservatory of Music in Tunis, and among his teachers was Haykel Siala, who gave him a whole new perspective on the oud. After leaving the conservatory in 2002, Abderraouf went on to obtain a Batchelor of Science degree, which was followed by five years of postgraduate study in landscape engineering and a trip to Versailles, France to complete his Master's degree. In 2009 he made the decision to stay in France to study ethnomusicology at the University of Paris 8, while also enrolling at the Regional Conservatory of Versailles, and later at conservatories in Paris and Bobigny. This period saw Abderraouf broaden his musical horizons to include jazz (principally singing). He released his first CD in 2013 and subsequently formed the Abderraouf Ouertani Quartet, with which he is currently touring and recording.

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Selected Recordings

Contes d'un misérable luth

A meditative album of Abderraouf's own compositions for oud, with accompaniment by Mohammed Amine Jebali on bendir.

1. D'un crépuscule, l'autre 6:46
2. La médina perdue, Tunis 7:22
3. De Tunis à Kélibia 3:17
4. Conte d'un luth désespéré 8:01
5. Le chevalier de Ouertane 7:03
6. Les yeux de T. 2:50
7. Conte d'un luth amoureux 2:42
8. Mon père 1:45
9. Le pardon 4:32
10. La médina retrouvée, le Kef 3:19

Contes outre-méditerranéens

This album has more of a jazz feel, and features Benoît Meynier on saxophone, Patricio Lisboa on double bass, Yousef Zayed on percussion and Patrick Villanueva on accordion.

1. Le Départ 5:36
2. Lettre à Oumayma no1 3:57
3. Lettre à Oumayma no2 7:28
4. Lettre à Oumayma no3 5:19
5. Lettres de de T. 3:08
6. Les Larmes de Didier B. 7:39
7. De Pékin à Shanghai 7:03
8. Malakoff, Été 2010 6:16
9. Dernier Crépuscule à Pékin 3:27
10. Le Retour 8:20


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