Osman Nuri Özpekel


Osman Nuri Özpekel was born in Erzurum, Turkey in 1957. In 1975 he entered the Istanbul University Faculty of Letters and Istanbul Municipal Conservatory, and also played oud in the University Chorus. His oud playing was heavily influenced by the styles of Udi Nevres Bey, Şerif Muhiddin Targan and Yorgo Bacanos. After graduating in 1979 he went to Edirne to work as a teacher of literature, but four years later he returned to Istanbul and joined the State Classical Turkish Music Chorus as an oud player. The following year he also became an oud instructor at the Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory of Turkish Music. He continues in these two roles today, and has released several albums of Turkish classical instrumental music.

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Selected Recordings

Ud İle Saz Semaileri
(Asia Production)

A nice selection of mostly taksimler and saz semailer performed on solo oud. This CD is currently available from Tulumba.

1. Nihavent Taksimi
2. Nihavent Saz Semaisi (Reşat Aysu)
3. Kürdilihicazkar Taksim
4. Kürdilihicazkar Saz Semaisi (Reşat Aysu)
5. Nişaburek Saz Semaisi (Reşat Aysu)
6. Hüzzam Taksim
7. Hüzzam Saz Semaisi (Udi Nevres Bey)
8. Muhayyerkürdi Taksim
9. Muhayyerkürdi Saz Semaisi (Sadi Işılay)
10. Sultaniyegah Sirto


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