Mehmet Polat


Mehmet Polat was born in Şanlıurfa, Turkey in 1981, and at the age of five he began to learn the bağlama, playing mainly Alevi and folk music. When he was seventeen he moved to Istanbul and commenced self-study of Turkish classical music and the oud, following the method of Şerif Muhiddin Targan, and developing his own left-hand technique based on violin and cello fingering. He subsequently completed a four-year Bachelor's degree in Turkish and Western classical music at Yıldız Technical University, and although he became acquainted with some of the country's leading oud players, he did not take regular lessons, preferring to continue his programme of self-study. This led him to absorb influences from Arab, Azeri, Persian and flamenco music, as well as jazz, and he even transcribed some of Niccolo Paganini's caprices for oud. In 2007 Mehmet moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and studied for a Master's degree in Indian music at Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam, with a thesis on combining Indian ragas and Turkish makamlar. He also began to absorb influences from West African music, which led to him forming the Mehmet Polat Trio that embraced kora (and subsequently ngoni) alongside oud and ney. Mehmet has also designed a new type of oud with two extra bass strings, which has allowed him to broaden the range and function of the instrument.

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Selected Recordings

Next Spring

The debut recording of the Mehmet Polat Trio sees Mehmet accompanied by Zoumana Diarra on West African kora and Sinan Arat on ney.

1. One drop in the ocean 4:32
2. There life begins again 6:21
3. Summer dream 5:33
4. Next spring 7:07
5. Mehtab 3:59
6. You are not alone 4:46
7. Whirling in the jungle 8:49
8. The day will come 9:58
9. Missing you 3:14
10. Amarula 3:38


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