Ziad Rajab
زياد رجب


Ziad Rajab was born in Aleppo, Syria to a Palestinian father and Syrian mother. He received his first oud lessons from his mother and his grandmother, but later studied with Bahjat Durmosh and Rashid al Sufi. He made his professional debut in 1983 with Sabab al Arube, a group associated with the Aleppo Fine Arts Association, and went on to accompany other musicians and singers from Aleppo at various festivals. In 1998 he moved to Thessaloniki in Greece, where he has lived ever since. He has collaborated with numerous Greek musicians and given concerts at home and in several other European countries. In 2000 he released his first CD, 'Mawjet Tarab', and two years later participated in the International Oud Meeting in Thessaloniki. Since 1994 Rajab has also built his own ouds in his home workshop, and to date has completed several dozen instruments.

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Selected Recordings

Mawjet Tarab
(FM Records FM 1181)

Ziad Rajab's debut CD is a collection of pieces for oud accompanied by vocals and a wide range of other instruments.

1. Five Iraqis in Thrace 4:26
2. Camel Dance 4:28
3. Dice Throw 4:44
4. Andalusian Memories 10:06
5. Seven Verse Amane 5:47
6. Cries for Victory 3:23
7. Aphrodite 4:44
8. Quest in the Desert 4:33
9. Nights (Layali) 4:09
10. Mother's Prayer 4:01
11. Heart Trickster 4:59
12. King of Time 4:14

The Long Trail of Immigration

This recording is more meditative and introspective than Rajab's previous release. It is mostly solo oud, with the exception of the third track, which features double bass, bendir and req.

1. Before the Revelation 7:14
2. The Winged Messenger 4:19
3. The Long Trail of Immigration 8:43
4. From the Depths of Infinity 6:52
5. Ride to the Unknown 4:37
6. The Docks of Freedom 6:38
7. A Handful of Faded Memories 4:23
8. Entering the Silence 4:45


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