Bassem Rizk
باسم رزق


Bassem Rizk was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1979, but due to the ongoing war in the city the family moved to Amchit near Byblos. He was encouraged to take up the oud by his father, and by the age of five his talent had already been recognised. When he was fifteen he was introduced to the oud playing of Munir Bashir and the Baghdad school, and five years later he entered the National Conservatory in Beirut. He released his debut CD in 2004 and the following year completed a new oud method, which was intended for the Ecole de Musique Ghassan Yammine in Lebanon.

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Selected Recordings

Echoes from a Past
(La CD-Thèque)

Bassem Rizk's debut album features improvisations and his own original compositions influenced by the Baghdad school of oud playing.

1. To My Father 5:18
2. Hanine 4:34
3. Cartoons 1:47
4. Hijaz Kar 8:04
5. Echoes from a Past 2:04
6. Organza 4:29
7. Hamasat (Whispers) 4:37
8. Story of Roses 2:46
9. Virtuose 3:59


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