Yuval Ron
יובל רון


Yuval Ron was born in Israel, but later moved to California in the United States. He studied at the Berklee College of Music, graduating in 1989, and a decade later formed the Yuval Ron Ensemble with Jewish, Christian and Muslim artists in an attempt to bridge religious and cultural divides. This group has recorded several CDs and given concerts worldwide, including performances at international festivals on several continents. Ron has composed music for contemporary dance, television and film, including the Oscar-winning film 'West Bank Story'. He has also given lectures and workshops at schools and universities in the USA and Israel.

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Selected Recordings

Oud Prayers on the Road to St Jacques
(YRM Records)

Subtitled 'Sacred Music of the Abrahamic Faiths', this is a solo oud performance of music from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions.

1. Yonat Rekhokim 5:05
2. Avinu Malkeinu/Allah Hou 3:41
3. Sim Shalom 3:12
4. Vartani 8:46
5. Wa Habibi/Eliyahu Hanavi 5:35
6. Lama Bada 3:10
7. La Ilaha Illah Lah/Nigun le Mashiakh 5:42


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