Siavash Roshan
سياوش روشن


Siavash Roshan was born in Iran, and began his musical education at the age of eleven, when he began studying the tar at the Tehran Conservatory of Music. He soon switched to the oud, and studied with Majid Nazempour and Mohammad-Rezâ Ebrâhimi. He continued his education at Tehran University of Art, studying Music Performance, and followed this with a Master's degree in Composition from the University of Tehran. His love of Western classical music led him to study conducting under the supervision of Sharif Lotfi, former conductor of the Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra, and Christian Schulz, chief conductor of Mozart Collegium Vienna. Siavash has also performed widely on the oud, and released his first album in 2014.




Selected Recordings

The Passage
(Kherad Art House)

Siavash's debut album is part of a collection of CD releases entitled 'The State of the Individual', and comprises his own compositions for solo oud in a contemporary, Western-influenced style.

1. Affection 5:03
2. Memorial 6:54
3. Stay With Me 3:20
4. Glance 1:33
5. Neyshabourak 2:33
6. Elegy 4:58
7. Fantasy 5:02
8. Passage 11:34


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