Farhan Sabbagh
فرحان صباغ


Farhan Sabbagh was born in Homs, Syria in 1948. He was introduced to the oud by his father, and to Arabic percussion by his grandfather, a famous Sufi master. He went on to study at the Al-Khayyam Institute for Arabic Classical Music in Homs, graduating in 1966. From 1970 to 1972 he studied at the Arab Music Insitute in Cairo, Egypt, and the following year he left for Greece to give a concert and make his first recording. In 1981 he moved to Berlin, Germany to work for the International Institute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation and study for his doctorate - it was in Berlin that he made his second recording, on which he played both the oud and Medieval lute. Sabbagh subsequently became a German citizen and has lived there ever since. He gives regular perfomances in Europe and the Arab World, and has also collaborated with several world-renowned musicians such as Indian violinist L. Subramaniam, Israeli clarinetist Giora Feidman and Chinese pipa virtuoso Liu Fang.



Selected Recordings

Le Oud (Concert au Schloss Charlottenbourg - Berlin)
(Club du Disque Arabe AAA047)

This is a live recording of a concert in Germany on which Sabbagh performs a selection of taqasim and other traditional compositions, as well as several Medieval lute pieces on a specially-made instrument.

1. Samaï Bayati 5:00
2. Taqsim Bayati 6:06
3. Taqsim Kourdi 15:44
4. Mouwachah Nahawend 5:51
5. Taqsim Nahawend 13:38
6. Mouwachah Ya Ghazalen 6:42
7. Luth Medieval 9:01

Arabic and Chinese Music (with Liu Fang)
(Philmultic CD002)

This CD presents a collaboration between Farhan Sabbagh and the Chinese pipa and gu-zheng player, Liu Fang.

1. Maulbronn (oud, pipa and percussion) 12:47
2. Al Ud al Andalusi (oud solo) 6:46
3. Dragon Boat Festival (pipa solo) 4:50
4. Homs (oud, pipa and percussion) 9:30
5. Shepherd Maid (pipa and oud) 3:14
6. L'o Vol Bene (oud and pipa) 1:45
7. Jasmine Flower (zheng and oud) 6:22
8. Bonfire Night (pipa and percussion) 5:11
9. Song of Tie-Ma (zheng solo) 6:17
10. Spring on Tianshan Mountain (pipa and percussion) 3:16


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