Adel Salameh
عادل سلامة


Adel Salameh was born in Nablus, Palestine in 1966 and grew up in nearby Tulkarm. His interest in the oud was sparked by listening to Farid Al-Atrash, and when his father bought him his first oud he began to take lessons with Khaled Sadouq in Tulkarm. In 1985 Adel moved to Jordan to study at Yarmouk University, and it was while living in Jordan that he met the Iraqi oud master Munir Bashir. Bashir suggested that Adel should pursue his oud studies further in Iraq, and so he headed to Baghdad where he studied under Mu'ataz Al-Bayati at the Music Institute. In 1990, after completing his studies in Baghdad, Adel decided to move to Europe - he settled first in London, where he soon established a reputation as one of the finest oud players of the new generation, and then in 2000 he relocated to Lyon, France where he still lives. Adel was worked with a a diverse range of musicians from a variety of cultural backgrounds and given solo and ensemble performances in over fifty countries worldwide. He is also a prolific composer, having written more than a hundred pieces, including music for theatre. Adel is married to the Algerian singer Naziha Azzouz, who accompanies him on several of his recordings and forms part of his current trio, together with Adel Shams el-Din.

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Selected Recordings

Mediterraneo (with Eduardo Niebla)
(Riverboat Records TUG CD 1012)

Adel Salameh teams up with guitarist Eduardo Niebla on this album to produce a series of extended compositions/improvisations with a Mediterranean feel. A percussion accompaniment is provided by Charib Ramadan on riq and darbouka, and Sanji Jhala on tabla.

1. Mediterraneo 11:00
2. Andalucia 12:56
3. Jardines del Corazón 15:59
4. Oasis 11:40

Master of the Oud
(PlayaSound PS65259)

On this recording, initially released as 'Solo' (Pastorale PAS003), Adel Salameh presents a series of taqasim and compositions for solo oud.

1. Taqsim Bayati 7:35
2. Taqsim Ajam 8:15
3. Samai Nahawand (Mas'ud Jamil) 9:22
4. Taqsim Nahawand 5:59
5. Musica Nahawand 4:03
6. Taqsim Shudaraban 17:21

The Arab Path to India (with K. Sridhar)
(Real World WSCD010)

Adel is joined on this CD by K. Sridhar, who is a master of the sarod. This instrument is an Indian fretless lute, which facilitates the use of microtones and slides as on the oud. The tracks illustrate the common threads running through Arab and Indian music, both in their improvisational nature and through the similar concepts of maqam and raga.

1. Invocation (sarod solo) 4:50
2. Joy (oud solo) 5:13
3. Bliss 21:39
4. Inspiration 27:25

(Arion ARN 64500)

On this recording, Adel is joined by his wife Naziha Azzouz on vocals, together with Eyal Sela on clarinet and flute and Asaf Sirkis on bendir.

1. Mawal Andaluci 2:01
2. Chimar 4:34
3. Haneen 8:14
4. Blossom 10:28
5. Mawal Shar'ki 10:02
6. Amina 3:20
7. Song for Two Bendirs 4:26
8. Najma 5:15
9. Beyond Madness
    Part 1 4:13
    Part 2 3:37
    Part 3 2:14
    Part 4 4:46
10. Naziha 1:55

(Enja CD 9137-2)

Adel Salameh once again teams up with vocalist Naziha Azzouz on this CD, and is accompanied by Barbaros Erköse on clarinet and Abdel Ghani Krija on darbouka, riq and bendir.

1. Le Secret 4:56
2. Kanza 4:49
3. Le Rendezvous Imaginaire 11:04
4. Bronwen 3:07
5. Layloun Ajeeb 9:56
6. Les Ailes du Desert 6:08
7. Ya Ghazalan 8:55
8. Forgiveness 7:07
9. Je Pleure Ton Amour 6:00

(Enja CD 9153-2)

A beautiful recording featuring Naziha Azzouz on vocals, Bruno Sansalone on clarinet, Mohammad Zaftari on violin, Dahmane Khalfa on percussion and Jorge Trasante on drums.

1. Hulm 7:47
2. Setti 6:30
3. Sur la Route de l'Algerie 4:12
4. Missing You 5:26
5. Tariq 5:30
6. Mina 4.21
7. La Route du Bonheur 8:45
8. Douce Brise 6:55
9. Parfum d'Orient 4:42

(Enja Records CD 9177)

Adel and Naziha team up on this recording with Adel Shams el-Din on percussion, Mohamed Zeftari on violin and Ali Mnejja on accordion.

1. Ana Mashi 5:46
2. Samai Huzam 4:39
3. Rissala 5:00
4. Aya 4:59
5. Ala Qadr Al Hawa part I 5:51
6. Ala Qadr Al Hawa part II 4:10
7. Ala Qadr Al Hawa part III 3:00
8. Palestinian Love Story 6:27
9. Hayarani 5:45
10. Doors of Jerusalem 5:04
11. La Fille du Paysan 4:16

(Enja Records CD 9703)

This CD was inspired by a trip Adel made to Palestine, and he is joined on the recording by cellist Valerie Dulac and guitarist Philippe Roche.

1. Awda 7:46
2. Sunshine 8:07
3. Jasmine 12:11
4. Entre Saone et Rhone 6:47
5. Constellations 4:50
6. Exile 12:46
7. Coyotito 5:16
8. Les Enfants De Palestine 5:25


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