Fawzi Sayeb
فوزي سايب


Fawzi Sayeb was born in Tunisia in 1929. He began his career as an agricultural engineer, before devoting himself to the oud full time. He was entirely self-taught on the instrument and was influenced by the Nahda-period style of Egyptian oud. He later moved to Paris, where one of his most well-known students was the violinist Nidaa Abou Mrad. Fawzi Sayeb passed away in 2010.


Selected Recordings

Taqsîm-s au 'Ûd
(Byblos BLCD 1005)

Fawzi Sayeb presents taqasim on a number of maqamat in an excellent showcase of classical Arab oud. The CD notes give good biographical details and information about the structure of each maqam.

1. Taqsîm en Maqâm Nahâwand 6:50
2. Taqsîm en Maqâm Bayyât 4:10
3. Taqsîm en Maqâm Hijâz 6:35
4. Taqsîm en Maqâm Huzâm 4:43
5. Taqsîm en Maqâm Râst 6:34
6. Taqsîm en Maqâm Nawâ 'Athar 5:15
7. Taqsîm en Maqâm Jhârkâh 6:44
8. Taqsîm en Maqâm Sabâ 4:00
9. Taqsîm en Maqâm Sêkâh Baladi 5:25

In Concert
(Byblos BLCD 1024)

An excellent live recording of Fawzi Sayeb at the First Festival of Maqam Music, held at the Lebanese University in 1999.

1. Taqsim in Maqâm Hijâz 3:43
2. Taqsim in Maqâm Râst Sûznâk on Yakâh 10:18
3. Taqsim in Maqâm 'Ajam on Râst 4:28
4. Taqsim in Maqâm Nahâwand al-Kabir on Nawâ and in Maqâm Râhat al-Arwâh 8:16
5. Taqsim in Maqâm Kurdi on 'Ushayrân 6:02
6. Taqsim in Maqâm Farahnâk on 'Irâq 2:24
7. Taqsim in Maqâm Jhârkâh on Râst 6:24
8. Taqsim in Maqâm Shâhnâz 5:59
9. Taqsim in Maqâm Râhat al-Arwâh 3:34


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