Kheiro Shaalat
خـيـرو صلاة


Kheiro Mustafa Shaalat was born in Haifa in northern Israel, and began to learn the oud from his father at the age of ten. He is a member of the Israeli/Palestinian ensemble 'D'une seule voix' and also performs with Tony Benabu as part of the duo 'Tekko Nahawand'. He currently lives in Nazareth.


Selected Recordings

7 Taqâsîm - L'Art du Ûd
(Ad Vitam)

As the title suggests, this recording consists of a selection of seven extended solo taqasim, although the maqamat are not listed.

1. Taqâsîm 1 6:16
2. Taqâsîm 2 6:56
3. Taqâsîm 3 8:05
4. Taqâsîm 4 13:59
5. Taqâsîm 5 8:25
6. Taqâsîm 6 13:18
7. Taqâsîm 7 10:01


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