Hazem Shaheen
حازم شاهين


Hazem Shaheen was born in 1978 in Alexandria, Egypt. He enrolled at the Higher Institute of Arabic Music in Cairo, then spent three years at the 'House of Oud', graduating in 2002. The same year he won first prize in an international oud competition in Beirut, Lebanon. He joined the teaching staff at the House of Oud, and then in 2005 he moved to a new position teaching oud at the Cairo Opera House, where he still works. Around this time he formed the group 'Eskenderella' to perform a mixture of classic Egyptian songs by the likes of Sayed Darwish and Sheikh Imam and original compositions based on the works of various Arab poets. An offshoot of this project was the instrumental quartet 'Masar', which released its debut album in 2006, and Shaheen also released his first solo CD in 2009.

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Selected Recordings

Things That I Miss
(Forward Music)

Shaheen's first solo recording includes several taqasim as well as original compositions featuring percussionist Hany Bdeir and pianist Nawar Abbass.

1. The Horse of Darwish 6:00
2. Taqasim Rast 6:39
3. Problem 6:30
4. Nahawand (Improvisation) 8:36
5. Things That I Miss 5:39
6. Adolescence 3:32


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