Salman Shukur
سلمان شكر


Salman Shukur was born in 1920 in Baghdad, Iraq. He studied oud and Middle Eastern music with Şerif Muhiddin Targan at the Music Institute in Baghdad from 1936 until his graduation in 1944. Three years later he became an assistant professor at the Institute and then in 1954 he travelled to Turkey to study, research and perform for several year. After returning to Baghdad in 1956, he was appointed head of the music department at the Institute in 1960, a post which he would hold for around thirty years. Together with Jamil Bashir and Munir Bashir, he was largely responsible for shaping the style of solo Iraqi oud playing that we hear today, and he was a formative influence on many of the current generation of Iraqi oudists. Shukur also worked closely with the Iraqi Ministry of Information, and represented Iraq at numerous conferences on Arab music. He travelled widely in order to teach, research and perform, giving concerts as far afield as China, Europe and the USA, although he made only one full-length audio recording. Despite being offered citizenship in several other countries over the years, Shukur chose to remain in Iraq until his death in 2007.



Selected Recordings

(Decca HEAD 16)

This LP of mostly Shakur's own compositions was recorded at Rosslyn Hill Chapel, London in 1976. You can listen to this album on the 'Rare Recordings' page at

1. Improvisations on a theme of Hajjí 'Abd ul-Ghaffár from a takya in Tikrit 16:30
    i. Prelude in Rást
    ii. Taqsím in Rást
    iii. Samá'i in Rást
2. Ghazal (Romance) 8:10
3. Mahraján fí Baghdád (Festival in Baghdad) 16:30
4. Húriyyat al-Jabal (The Mountain Fairy) 8:10


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