Mohsen Subhi
محسن صبحي


Mohsen Subhi was born in Ramallah, Palestine in 1963, where he began teaching himself music from the age of seven. He began with percussion, before moving on to the oud, and studied with Hatem Al-Afghani among others. He moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1997 but continued to spend some time living and working in Palestine and Jordan. As well as performing on oud, buzuq and percussion, he composed music for films, television and educational purposes. Mohsen Subhi very sadly died in Ramallah in August 2009.


Selected Recordings


For his debut recording, Mohsen Subhi is accompanied by Antoine Lammam on percussion.

1. 'Al Bal 5:42
2. Nafetha (To a Friend) 5:28
3. 'Oubour 2:16
4. Ta'ammol 9:43
5. Hewar 5:33
6. Irtijal 2:44
7. Takassim 5:25
8. Bila Enwan 6:31
9. Zikrayat 2:52


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