Christos Syngelos
Χρήστος Σύγγελος


Christos Syngelos was born in Athens, Greece, and his musical education began with the classical guitar. He later studied Byzantine music, which led him to shift his focus towards modal music in general, and more traditional instruments such as the oud and lavta. In 2013 he formed the Rima Oud Duo with Stavros Papakyritsis, and they released their first album in 2015. Christos also composes and adapts music for theatre, teaches oud, and is a member of the four-piece Dorόs ensemble.

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Selected Recordings

Rima Oud Duo

The duo's self-titled debut album presents a selection of their own compositions, with the two ouds accompanied by Myron Grevetzakis on Cretan lyra and Alexis Nonis on percussion.

1. Mikri Afigisi 8:03
2. Blue Nine 6:36
3. SemiSemai 5:53
4. Choros 3:39
5. Strofi 6:01
6. Atrapos 6:24
7. Lofos 8:18
8. Venti 4:47
9. Suku 6:21


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