Samir Tahar
سمير طهار


Samir Tahar was born in 1940 in Mostaganem, a western Algerian town on the Mediterranean. He came from a family of musicians and attended the El-Masrah Essaidia school of music, where he was taught the rudiments of traditional Arabo-Andalusian singing and how to play the oud. He then went on to study music at the Institute of Arab Folk Music in Oran, where he was introduced to the art of taqasim - he also made his first half dozen recordings while living in Oran. Tahar subsequently travelled to Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt to broaden his musical horizons further, and then finally settled in France. He currently lives in Montpellier, where he is working on establishing an Arab orchestra and a Conservatory of Arab Music. He has also recently published an oud method and an autobiography.

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Selected Recordings

(Club du Disque Arabe AAA136)

This CD is the first of a pair featuring Tahar's taqasim for solo oud, and is volume 7 of the 'Les Virtuoses' series from Club du Disque Arabe.

1. Maqam Busahlik 7:13
2. Maqam Bayati 7:16
3. Maqam Higazi 9:36
4. Maqam Ajam 4:11
5. Maqam Nahawand 9:28
6. Maqam Rast 9:45

Taqsim Oud
(Club du Disque Arabe AAA165)

Another recording of taqasim for solo oud, this time volume 9 of the 'Les Virtuoses' series from Club du Disque Arabe.

1. Maqam Kurdi 8:42
2. Maqam Hisar 10:28
3. Maqam Hijaz-Kar 17:16
4. Maqam Sultani-Iraq 9:23
5. Complainte Hsine 4:39

Magic Ud
(Next Music CDS8921)

This CD contains five beautiful taqasim in various maqamat, with detailed liner notes on each.

1. Taqsim Maqam "Raast" 7:54
2. Taqsim Maqam "Bayati" 8:26
3. Taqsim Maqam "Nahawand" 9:10
4. Taqsim Maqam "Hijazi" 10:40
5. Taqsim Maqam "Iraq" 7:35

Dreams: Ûd and Voice
(Next Music CDS8921)

This recording presents a selection of solo oud taqasim and oud/vocal pieces, several of which were recorded live.

1. Maqam "Busahlik" (Taqsim Ûd en Live) 7:50
2. Maqam "Bayati" (Taqsim Ûd) 4:36
3. "Yah Adra" (Chant Andalou - Ûd et Voix) 4:21
4. Maqam "Kurdi" (Taqsim Ûd) 7:16
5. Maqam "Hissar" (Taqsim Ûd) 7:11
6. "Fejaten" (Chant d'Amour - Ûd et Voix) 5:36
7. Maqam "Sultani-Iraq" (Taqsim Ûd) 8:11
8. "Ya Habibi" (Chant Andalou - Ûd, Daf et Voix) 7:01
9. "Jaya" (Chant Bedoui Algerien) 5:59
10. "Teskounou" (Taqsim en Live) 10:48


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