Afif Taian
عفيف طعيسان


Afif Tain was born near Homs, Syria in 1974, and developed an early interest in the oud. He began to teach himself the instrument when he was 15 years old, and eventually enrolled at the Institute of Music in Homs, graduating as a music teacher at the age of 19. In 1995 he moved to Santa Barbara, California, where he began to play with the University of California Middle East Ensemble. In 2000 he moved to Los Angeles, where he still lives today. Afif currently performs with the Kan Zaman ensemble, which gives regular concerts in southern California.


Selected Recordings

Sunset/Shams el-Ghoroub
(Afif Taian)

This is Afif Taian's debut CD and includes pieces by well-known Arab composers and taqasim.

1. Semai Shams el-Ghoroub/Shat Araban (Halim al-Romi) 5:04
2. Leyla (Farid el-Atrache) 5:52
3. Taqsim Ajam 5:39
4. Semai Ajam Ushayran (Mohammad Abdel Karim) 5:04
5. Hobb Eh (Baligh Hamdi) 5:47
6. Ahbabenna ya Ein (Farid el-Atrache) 5:45
7. Taqsim Nawa Athar 5:24
8. Semai Nawa Athar (Jamil Eweiss) 5:25
9. Doulab and Taqsim Rast 6:12
10. Doulab and Taqsim Rahet el-Arwah 7:42
11. Longa Hijaz Kar Kurd (Sabbough Effendi) 4:21


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