Muhammed Temel


Muhammed Temel was born in 1972 in Sigmaringen, Germany. In 1986 he began studying Turkish classical music with İsmet Alpaslan, who also taught him the oud for seven years. Alpaslan is the founder of the Mannheim-based Dergâh ensemble dedicated to Turkish classical music, and Temel has given more than fifty concerts with this group, often performing his own compositions. Temel also studied oud with Necati Çelik and Yurdal Tokcan, and has played with the noted Turkish musicians Mustafa Doğan Dikmen and Uğur Işık. His most recent project is the duo 'Mızrabın Ruhu' (Plectrums Soul)' with kanun and guitar player Ender Berkay. Muhammed currently lives in Karlsruhe.

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