Gad Tidhar
גד תדהר


Gad Tidhar was born in Israel in 1983, and his musical education began with the guitar. At the age of twenty-two he bought his first oud, and started to explore the music of Turkey, Persia and the Arab world. He studied Persian music for three years with tar virtuoso Piris Eliyahu, followed by oud with Nizar Rohana, and also travelled to Crete to study Turkish music with Ross Daly. In 2009 he formed the Faran Ensemble with kamancheh player Roy Smila and percussionist Refael Ben-Zichry - the trio released their first album in 2013, have performed as far afield as Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, and even appeared in a video by the band U2! He also founded the 'Durbar' trio in 2015, together with Jordi Pratz on sarod and various percussionists, to combine Persian and Indian music. Gad currently lives in Mitzpe Ramon, in the heart of the Negev Desert.

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Selected Recordings


The Faran Ensemble's self-titled debut album sees them joined by Itzhak Ventura on Persian ney, Yuval Tubi on saz, Shay Masala Bachar on Mohan veena and Adi Forti on santur. It is available as a CD from their website here, or a digital download from Bandcamp here.

1. Tarab 6:01
2. Rain 8:36
3. Camila 5:59
4. Amiri III 7:28
5. Love come in waves 4:44
6. Tesha 13:06
7. Dune 7:07

Fata Morgana

The ensemble's second album was recorded live over a period of four days in 2016, and features a selection of original compositions. It is available as a CD from their website here, or a digital download from Bandcamp here.

1. The prophet of emotion 4:17
2. Aşkım 3:59
3. Wind 4:17
4. Tide 4:49
5. Fata morgana 5:56
6. Rujum 6:21
7. Moon 6:59
8. Jasmin 6:37
9. Reflection 5:46

Durbar EP

The debut recording from the Durbar project, on which Gad is joined by Jordi Pratz on sarod. The digital album is available for download here.

1. Durbar 8:05
2. Awakening 5:52
3. Bahiravi 13:01

Jerusalem Concert (with Durbar)

A live recording of the Durbar ensemble from the Mazkeka in Jerusalem, including Yoni Ben-Dor on tombak and Amit Mishra on tabla. The digital album is available for download here.

1. White Sun 5:44
2. Bahiravi Rupak 11:13
3. Bahiravi Tombak & Tabla Dance 6:49
4. Bahiravi Fast Composition 5:26
5. Baharim 8:04
6. Awakening 6:59

Baharim - An Oud Fantasy

Gad's first solo album showcases some of his original compositions, including several previously recorded with the Faran Ensemble but presented here in an alternative format. The album is available as a CD or digital download here.

1. Path 7:16
2. Baharim 5:41
3. Geshem (Rain) 6:25
4. Sand | Bayat A Taqasim 6:23
5. Wind 4:41
6. Ori 6:10
7. Moon 6:54


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