Abdel Hamid Tnnari
عبد الحميد تناري


Abdel Hamid Tnnari was born in El Ma'arra near the city of Aleppo in northern Syria. He began his musical career by accompanying local singers on the oud during religious festivals, but later moved to Aleppo, where he soon found himself playing with famous singers such as Sabah Fakhri. In 1960 his son Hassan Tnnari was born, and he would go on to become a famous qanun player in his own right. Father and son played together for a while as part of the Andelus Ensemble and made several recordings with this group.


Selected Recordings

Solos and Melodies (with Andelus Ensemble)
(Hollywood Music Center HMC-1048)

A nice recording of oud taqasim and Arab compositions featuring father and son on oud and qanun respectively, accompanied by violin, nay and percussion.

1. Taksim Oud "Alb El Hanoun" 3:40
2. Taksim Oud "Naghem Al Ams" 2:35
3. Taksim Kanoun "Layali" 5:00
4. Taksim Oud "Ya Hnayyin" 1:56
5. Taksim Nay "Layali El Ouns" 2:15
6. Raks Halabi 4:19
7. Taksim Kamaan "Hikayat" 1:36
8. Leyliyyi Trjaah Ya Leyl 3:03
9. Taksim Oud "Salwa" 1:22
10. Dabke Halabi 5:24
11. Taksim Oud "Min Zaman" 3:11
12. Nassam Aleyna Al Hawa 3:35
13. Raksat Al Hareem 4:38


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