Omid Tofighi
اميد توفيقی


Omid Tofighi lives in Tehran, Iran and is a member of the Three Oud Ensemble, together with Shahram Gholami and Yasamin Shah Hosseini.

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Selected Recordings

Euphoria (Three Oud Ensemble)
(NHI Records)

The Three Oud Ensemble consists of Omid Tofighi, Shahram Gholami and Yasamin Shah Hosseini on oud and Behnam Masoumi on percussion.

1. Frenzy of Love 11:36
2. Discipleship 10:48
3. Euphoria 6:41
4. Across the Sky 8:57
5. Separation (Bidâd-Homâyun) 11:59
6. Baluch 4:47
7. Leyli 9:24


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