Sherine Tohamy
شيرين تهامى


Sherine Tohamy was born and raised in Egypt. She was introduced to the oud via a concert given by Naseer Shamma, and this led to her enrolling at Shamma's 'House of Oud in Cairo. She became the first female student to graduate from the institute, after which she spent two years teaching oud at the Hefny Institute of Arab Music. In 2002 she took up a teaching position at the House of Oud, first in Cairo and then from 2009 in the Abu Dhabi branch of the institute. As well as performing as a solo artist, she has also been part of a trio featuring Nihad AlSayed and Hazem Shaheen, as well as an all-female oud group Najmaat. Most of her concerts have been in the Arab world, although she has also performed in France and participated in the 1st Gambus Conference and Festival in Malaysia.

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Selected Recordings

Malaysia Live Concert

A live recording of Tohamy's performance at the 1st Gambus Conference and Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2012. You can listen to all the tracks on the CD here.

1. Nejma (Sherine Tohamy) 6:33
2. Ya Misafir Wahdak (Abdel Wahab) 4:04
3. Samay Attal Wa Alkamar (Khalid M. Ali) 5:46
4. Ala Hafit Alam (Naseer Shamma) 6:06
5. Ahlam (Sherine Tohamy) 4:08
6. Samay Bayaty Shory (Abdu Daghir) 5:11
7. Tico Tico (Zequinha Abreu) 2:37
8. Fakkarouny (Abdel Wahab) 4:38
9. Min AlZakera (Naseer Shamma) 3:47

Egyptian Classical Music

A series of pieces by well-known Egyptian composers, as well as several original compositions, recorded live with a range of other musicians. You can listen to all the tracks on the CD here.

1. Ahlam I (Sherine Tohamy) 4:15
2. Be'ed Annak (Baleegh Hamdy) 3:33
3. Balash Etaab (Kamal Attaweel) 8:37
4. Ghorba (Sherine Tohamy) 3:33
5. Ya Misafir Wahdak (M. Abd El Wahab) 6:06
6. Ana Fi Entezarak (Zakaria Ahmed) 5:58
7. Ahlam II (Sherine Tohamy) 5:14
8. El Hob Koloh (Baleegh Hamdy) 7:32
9. El Layaly (Mohamed El Mogy) 8:25
10. Totah (Farid Al Atrash) 5:14


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