Yurdal Tokcan


Yurdal Tokcan was born in 1966 in Ordu, Turkey. He graduated from the Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory of Turkish Music in 1988 and taught there for the next ten years. In 1990 he also became an oud player with the Istanbul Turkish Music Ensemble of the Ministry of Culture under Necdet Yaşar. He has since worked with a wide variety of artists from diverse musical backgrounds, given concerts in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and also participated in numerous international music festivals. Yurdal Tokcan's first album of original compositions for solo oud was released in 2002 and he has contributed to more than a dozen recordings by other artists. He is currently offering tuition via the Oud & Qanun Master programme in partnership with Göksel Baktagir.



Selected Recordings

Hislenis/Deep Emotion
(Beyza Müzik Yapım)

On his debut recording, Yurdal Tokcan presents a number of his own compositions for solo oud. The CD has since been re-released under the names 'Saray/Palace' and 'Passion'.

1. Gözyaşı 7:30
2. Hisleniş 6:19
3. Usta'ya Saygı 6:04
4. Ayısiğı 6:15
5. Bad-ı Saba 9:36
6. Uzaklar 8:00
7. Aşk 5:56
8. Ayrilik (Babama) 6:37


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