Marina Toshich
מרינה טושיץי


Marina Toshich was born in Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia in 1968, and her interest in music began at an early age when she was exposed to Balkan folk songs as well as Turkish and Ladino music. She went on to study music and classical piano at Sarajevo Conservatory and then moved to Krakow, Poland to study for a Master of Arts degree at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating in 1991 she returned to Sarajevo, but the subsequent war in the region forced here to flee - she emigrated to Israel, where she has lived ever since. She continued her studies first at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv and later at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where she graduated from the Arabic Music Department. As well as being an accomplished oud player and singer, Marina also plays a variety of other instruments including pan flute, oriental cello and viola. She gives solo concerts and also performs with several groups, including the Andalusian-Mediterranean Orchestra and Ensemble Golha dedicated to Persian music. She has published an English-language oud method (with accompanying DVD), as well as a book in Hebrew on maqam theory.

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Selected Recordings

Oud in the Middle West

A mixture of Marina's own compositions and pieces from the Middle Eastern classical repertoire, performed together with Jacob Miron on woodwinds. Available here.

1. Bicycle Ride to Jaffa 2:13
2. Oud Tango 3:54
3. Dulab Hijaz 3:16
4. Samai Hijaz for Galit 8:27
5. Abadan - Nikad nisi 3:30
6. Raven Waltz 4:21
7. Samai Nawa Athar 6:39
8. Seven 7 2:09
9. Longa Ajam Ashiran 2:51
10. Oud & Biva 2:48
11. Francoise 3:23
12. Pletivo - Knitting 2:14
13. Longa Nahawand 2:05
14. Samai Nakriz 6:08
15. Little Church Rat 2:31
16. Next Sunday 4:23


A solo oud recording of traditional Ladino/Sephardic melodies and improvisations. Available here.

1. Improvisation & Los Bilbilikos Kantan 4:34
2. Morenika 3:11
3. Ala Una & Spanish Intro 3:56
4. Asheriko 3:13
5. Improvisation & Avram Avinu 3:23
6. Durme, Durme 3:10
7. Andiemos El Kafe 2:12
8. Avre Tu 1:49
9. Improvisation & En Kemo Muestro Dio 2:36
10. Iha Mia 2:46
11. Gul Pembe, Por la tu puerta 1:58
12. Improvisation & El Dio Alto (Kad ja podjoh na Bembasu) 3:36
13. Una Noche Al Lunar 2:10
14. Yo Hanino 2:18
15. Ah Mi Chica Amiga 2:25
16. Adio Kerida 3:29
17. Samai Bayat - Yekarakh Yashiru Al Har Zion 3:45


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