Samer Totah
سامر طوطح


Samer Totah was born in Ramallah, Palestine in 1972. He became interested in the oud at an early age and went on to study the instrument professionally with renowed oud player Issa Boulos. In 1993 he enrolled at the National Conservatory of Music at Birzeit University, where he continued his oud studies under Khalid Jubran until 2000. Samer Totah has performed with many leading Palestinian arts groups and also builds his own ouds. At present he teaches oud at the National Conservatory of Music and performs with the group 'Ghofran'.


Selected Recordings

(SAMA Productions)

The debut CD from the Ghofran ensemble, which consists of oud, violin, qanun, double bass and percussion, features a series of traditional-style pieces mostly composed by Samer Totah as well as several taqasim.

1. Samaa'i 'Ajam 'Ushayraan (Samer Totah) 3:43
2. Taqaasiim 6:50
3. Haniin 5:30
4. Ra'sat al-Sabaah 4:36
5. Samaa'i Nahawand (Issa Boulos) 4:54
6. Rithaa' 6:33
7. Shuhadaa' Bila Ma'wa 6:21
8. Taqaasiim 5:34
9. Ayyaam Zamaan 6:56
10. Firaaq 4:55


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