Yuji Tsunemi


Yuji Tsunemi was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1960 and enrolled at the Ethnic Music Centre Japan, where he was first introduced to Arab music. He subsequently began to learn the oud with Hamza El Din, who was living in Japan at the time. In 1989 he moved to Tunisia to continue his oud studies under Ali Sriti at the Conservatoire Nationale de Tunis, and in 1993 he appeared on Tunisian national television with the oud player Mohamed Zinelabidine as part of the Medina Festival. Since then he has been actively involved with various cultural exchanges between musicians in Japan and the Middle East. This has included working with 'El Azifat', a female group from Tunisia, organising a concert with local musicians at the Opera House in Cairo, Egypt, and participating in the International Festival of the Sahara held in Douz, Tunisia. In Japan, Tsunemi has actively promoted Middle Eastern music, giving regular performances as a solo artist and member of various ensembles, as wel as appearing regularly on Japanese television and radio. He currently teaches part-time at the Open University of Japan.



Selected Recordings

Ma Qablu Wa Baad
(Beravo Music BRV-004)

On this CD Tsunemi presents several oud taqasim and a selection of works by famous Middle Eastern composers, accompanied by Wada Kei on req.

1. Samaai Shadaraban (Tamburi Jamil Bey) 6:49
2. Taqsim Oud: Maqam Nahawand Re 2:54
3. Huseyni Oyun Havas (Tamburi Jamil Bey) 6:02
4. Sultan Yegha Oyun Havas (Shadi Ishilay) 4:38
5. Samaai Farahfaza (Tamburi Jamil Bey) 6:52
6. Taqsim on the Beat "Bambi" 2:58
7. Raqsa Bayati (Sayyd Muhammad) 4:39
8. Jikrayati (Mohamed Kasabugi) 5:37
9. Req Solo 1:22
10. Samaai Bayati (Samy Al-Shawwa) 3:28
11. Layali Aljazayer (Mohamed Abdelwahab) 3:49
12. Dulab Bayati/Bint el Balad (Mohamed Abdelwahab) 3:46

Al-Medina Al-Munawwara
(ALWAN Records ALWAN001)

A beautiful solo oud CD of taqasim and Middle Eastern compositions.

1. Taqsim Bouselik 2:58
2. Ibn El-Balad (Mohamad Abdelwahab) 3:51
3. Taqsim Raahat Al-Arwaah/Al-Medina Al-Munawwara 7:21
4. Taqsim Hijaz 2:47
5. Longha Sultan Yegha (Tamburi Jamil Bek) 4:36
6. Taqsim Nahawand/Samaai Nahawand (Safer Ali) 6:54
7. Taqsim Hijaz/Raqsa Aziza (Mohamad Abdelwahab) 6:11
8. Taqsim Bayati/Samaai Bayati (Ibrahim Al-Aryan) 10:06
9. Kull Da Kan Leh (live recording) (Mohamad Abdelwahab) 8:46

(ALWAN Records ALWAN002)

Tsunemi is joined on this recording by the Farha ensemble of violin, qanun, bass and req for a selection of taqsim and compositions by Muhammad Abdelwahab, as well as two piceces written by Japanese composer Kiyoshi Yoshida (吉田潔).

1. Taqsim Nahawand 2:28
2. 月光神殿 (吉田潔) 3:10
3. Bint El Balad (Muhammad Abdelwahab) 3:14
4. Cleopatra (Muhammad Abdelwahab) 3:57
5. Taqsim Hijazkar 1:49
6. Taqsim Rahaat Al Arwaah 1:37
7. Ciftetelli 3:34
8. El Mamalik (Muhammad Abdelwahab) 2:02
9. El Nahr El Khaled (Muhammad Abdelwahab) 2:31
10. Taqsim Huzam 1:54
11. Taqsim Bouselik 2:21
12. Taqsim on the Beat Bambi/Ibn El Balad (Muhammad Abdelwahab) 6:35
13. Taqsim Kurd 1:56
14. Kull Da Kan Leh (Muhammad Abdelwahab) 7:59
15. Taqsim Hijaz/Layali El Jazaier (Muhammad Abdelwahab) 5:02
16. 家族 (吉田潔) 2:45
17. Taqsim Nahawand 2:23


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