John Vartan


John Vartan Valentine was born into an Italian-Armenian family in New York, USA. He made his professional debut in the mid-1960s playing guitar and duduk on several of John Berberian's albums. In the 1960s and 70s he travelled to the Middle East and brought back with him a large collection of traditional instruments, which he then proceeded to master, although the oud would become his main instrument. Alongside his performing career, he also obtained a BA in Sociology and and an Master's degree in Recreational Therapy. In 1980 he took a post at Kean University in New Jersey and received his doctorate in 1984 - he currently teaches in the University's Department of Physical Education, Recreation & Health. John Vartan has recorded seven albums himself and appeared on many other recordings, including TV and movie soundtracks. He has also published an instructional video for the oud and method book for the duduk. John's generally performs on an oud built by the Greek-Armenian luthier Onnik Karibyan, and selected for him by the great Udi Hrant in Istanbul in the 1960s.



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