Stelios Varveris
Στέλιος Baρβέρης


Stylianos 'Stelios' Varveris was born in Korydallos, Greece in 1967. He was attracted by the bouzouki and folk music from an early age, and so decided on a career as a professional musician. However, he soon developed an interest in Eastern music, which led to him studying the oud and oriental music theory with Christos Tsiamoulis, and obtaining a diploma in Byzantine music with the precentor Niko Sotiriou. In 2000 he created the oriental ensemble 'Mismagies' featuring oud, percussion, kanun, Politiki lyra and ney, and he has also collaborated with a diverse range of other artists. Alongside this he has taught oud at several Greek music colleges. Since 2006 Varveris has been working with the ensemble 'Caravan' (renamed 'Haran' in 2008), whose repertoire includes both classic works and more contermporary pieces by artists such as Night Ark and Simon Shaheen.


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